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"Providing Quality Solutions to Difficult Problems."

Areas of our practice include:
  • Fraud / Financial Investigations to respond to problems such as: management and employee theft; embezzlement; forgery; financial statement fraud; procurement fraud; insurance fraud; and health care fraud.

  • Corporate Internal Investigations in matters involving: internal/external fraud; theft or assets; theft of intellectual property; corporate compliance assessments; corporate espionage; commercial bribery and kickbacks; gray market investigations; securities fraud; computer crime; fiduciary violations; commercial extortion; and circumvention of corporate policy.

  • Litigation Support and Intelligence for counsel including: financial and biographical investigations; evidence gathering; adverse witness investigations; litigation-related asset searches; and critical interviews.

  • Forensic Accounting to provide creative solutions to business problems such as: civil disputes; fraud issues; quantification of profits and losses; financial statement misrepresentations; verification of financial representations; shareholder / partnership disputes.

  • Business Intelligence and Due Diligence to support strategic decision-making, including: personal and business profiles; corporate financial profiles; investigation of undisclosed facts; conflict of interest reviews; copyright, patent and trademark investigations; and lifestyle investigations.

  • Insurance and Fidelity Claim Investigations including: claim review and verification; proof-of-loss preparation; theft investigation; loss quantification; and fraud examination.

  • Asset Searching and Analysis including: domestic and international asset searches; hidden ownership investigations; pre-litigation asset assessments; post-judgement asset searches; bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

  • Fraud and Loss Prevention Service including: employee screening; fraud awareness training; internal/business controls consulting; corporate compliance program design; crisis and risk managements; security surveys; computer forensic and information security consulting.

  • Internal Control Assessments
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Security Consulting
  • Employee Screening
  • Critical Witness Interviews

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